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    Italian Dolce Vita on your canvas

Italian Dolce Vita on your canvas

  • Город: Рим
  • Время: Approximately 4 hours

Enjoy the fascinating views of gorgeous Rome and draw them!


Has it ever happened to you that while the trip a beauty of landscape or architecture impress you so much that you want to paint it on the canvas right at the moment?!

Now it is possible: an experienced tutor will help you to create your own picture in the special places of the Eternal City: picturesque panoramas of Roman roofs, cozy Italian bars, sunlight in fountains... and all this is your Roman vacancies! Draw them on paper or canvas and take your Italian Dolce Vita with you!

It doesn?t matter at all whether you can draw or maybe you will use brush and colors for the first time. The artist-tutor will introduce you to different painting techniques, explaining the base of composition, and how to create a spectacular thing in a short time so you will be able to start to draw and create your own picture, as the Impressionists did it.

The picturesque master class begins with a small picnic, a welcome glass of wine and has a duration of 3-4 hours.


Количество человек Цена
1 человек $417.00 с человека
2 человек $251.00 с человека
3 человек $196.00 с человека
4 человек $168.00 с человека
5 человек $154.00 с человека
6 - 7 человек $140.00 с человека
8 - 12 человек $126.00 с человека


Дополнительная информация

  • In case of rain and other weather conditions that prevent the master class on the open air, the event can be transferred to a roof covered terrace of the restaurant or bar.
  • Materials are provided by us: canvas or canvas on cardboard, brushes, pencils, acrylic paints (quick-drying), palette knives, portable easel.
  • Recommended clothing - comfortable, please make sure to wear comfortable shoes for walking.
  • The master class can be organized for one person and for a group of 2 to 12 people as well.
Meeting with the artist-tutor takes place in the established place. Transfer from the hotel and back is not included in the price, we recommend booking it separately. Please note that transportation to/from the tour meeting point is NOT included in the tour price, but it can be organized for an additional fee.

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