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Internship Opportunities

Select Italy is a young, vibrant, tech-savvy, and growing company focused primarily on travel to Italy (and now Croatia) with projects expanding into other areas of these countries' cultures including language, food, wine, and art.

The company currently offers a two-tiered internship program: Select Italy Internship Program (SIIP) and Select Italy Junior Professional Program (SIJPP). These are fast-paced and challenging positions, available in the Chicago or NYC offices with projects focused on Sales, Production, Operations, and/or Marketing tasks.

Please find answers to your initial questions and the application procedure below. We welcome fresh perspectives and high-energy enthusiasts to our team. If that describes you, please join us!

SIIP Facebook Group

Join us for intern news and tips, including internship preparation, living abroad, and career topics. Access is granted upon position confirmation.

The Select Italy Internship Program (SIIP)

We offer a full-immersion, on-the-job internship which involves becoming an integral part of company life. In return we expect full participation and commitment. We also encourage interns to present new ideas and their own insight. Interns don't just watch projects in motion, but are also fully participating members of our team, with their own responsibilities from day one.

Select Italy Junior Professional Program (SIJPP)

Following extraordinary completion of the SIIP, and should appropriate projects and an opening be available, participation in the SIJPP is offered. The program offers more flexibility with more responsibility and does not require working for the Chicago or NYC offices. Flexibility changes in schedule (full- or part-time) and compensation (TBD), responsibility in terms of project development and work reporting. Successful completion of a period in the SIJPP can lead to full-time, full-benefit hiring at Select Italy.

How to Apply

US Applicants

The SIIP is equally open to US and international applicants. Domestic intends residents of Chicago, with proper paperwork to permit them to accept a position on the Select Italy team.


Think you'll be a good fit?

International Applicants

International applicants have primarily been Italian, but applicants from other countries are welcome provided they have near-native to native fluency in Italian. Due to US State Department regulations, we require candidates to obtain a J1 visa. We offer pre-arranged expedited visa process for Italian interns through the IACC at a competitive rate. The J1 has no minimum duration and a maximum duration of 12-months.

Phase 1: Internship Program Application

To apply send us a copy of your resume, cover letter, completed questionnaire and language assessment.


Phase 2: Visa Application

Once approved for the program, the visa candidate must complete and submit the J1 forms mentioned below to the IACC via Select Italy.

J1 Forms

Available Positions

Select Italy

No internship opportunities currently available.

Please check back later.